Capsoil is an innovative technology company with an advanced patented process that converts oils in their full spectrum into nanometric powder. Capsoil’s ground-breaking technology is applicable to many industries including Pharmaceuticals, Food, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics and Cannabis.

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Capsoil’s nanometric powder has improved absorption and better bioavailability compared to other powders and oil.

Click below to see the results of independently conducted laboratory tests that demonstrated the superior bioavailability of Capsoil’s nanometric powder compared to oil

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Management &
Scientific Team

The team has extensive hands on experience leading early stage Pharmaceutical and Technology companies from initial development through to commercial launch

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Capsoil nanometric powder has significant game-changing advantages over currently used manufacturing technologies

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& Strategy

Capsoil will earn revenues through cooperation with business partners in the development of products based on its technology. Capsoil will be responsible for the oil to powder conversion and can assist its customers with product development.

Capsoil has established an R&D laboratory in Tel Aviv, Israel and is building an oil to powder conversion center in Las Vegas. This will be followed by other locations which will be chosen based on expected local demand and regulatory requirements

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