Operations & Strategy

Capsoil will earn revenues through cooperation with business partners in the development of products based on its technology. Capsoil will be responsible for the oil to powder conversion and can assist its customers with product development.

Possible candidates for collaboration include:

  • Joint venture/ licensing 1st Tier– Large companies interested in integrating oil/powder conversion into their manufacturing process to enhance their product line.
  • Joint venture/licensing 2nd Tier – innovative companies and startups interested in creating new products only possible using the unique Capsoil technology.

Capsoil will consider developing, manufacturing, and marketing its own product lines.

Capsoil has established an R&D laboratory in Tel Aviv, Israel. We are building out an oil/powder conversion center in Las Vegas and this will be followed by other locations selected according to expected local demand and local regulations.

Capsoil is actively seeking opportunities with potential business partners interested in converting fixed oils into powders for the Cannabis, Food, Nutraceutical, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, and other industries.

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