Capsoil technology can be applied to a variety of industries where fixed oils are the necessary basic raw material. The optimal targets for the technology are non-polar lipophilic substances.

Capsoil’s technology makes it possible for these non-polar substances to dissolve in the aqueous polar environment of the human body.


Powders are recognized as the most acceptable and preferred raw material for many industrial processes as they have significant advantages including:

  • Efficient production processes
  • Water solubility
  • Multiple dosage forms
  • Highest Carry ability
  • Better bioavailability
  • Reduced dosage requirement
  • Controlled dosing
  • Improved stability
  • Longer shelf life

Powder is also easier to handle, store and work with as it is much less sensitive to humidity, temperature, and oxidation.

Nanometric Powders

Capsoil uses a Nanometric powder formulation that includes the original oil and other food grade materials.  These are dispersed evenly in the liquid environment and maintain the oil’s unique properties.

The oil concentration can be pre-determined to the desired level, up to 50% oil in powder (w/w), and permeation enhancers can be added to increase bioavailability if necessary. Additionally, Capsoil powder can be used in many pharmaceutical delivery systems and product formats such as capsules, tablets, creams, transdermal patches, and aqueous dispersions.

Capsoil’s Nanometric powders have significant advantages over other powders and oils.  These include efficient production processes, multiple product formats, reduced dosage requirement, improved absorption, better bioavailability and efficacy, and longer shelf life.

Once in nanometric powder form, any oil can be easily incorporated into commercial products, such as edibles, as well as pharmaceuticals in a wide variety of formats including capsules, syrups, nebulizers, and dry powder inhalers.  Since the transformation is a physical and not a chemical process, the unique properties of the oil are preserved, while the permeability, bioavailability, stability, and shelf life are enhanced.

Existing approaches to manufacturing powders are largely based on proprietary and generally established technologies which absorb oil into existing solid particles.  This results in inconsistency, low carry, and bad taste.

Capsoil Technology

Capsoil technology starts with the oil drop, not the powder.  Using a patented formulation and development process, we convert the oil drop into a nanometric powder that has a consistent particle size of 150 nanometers and can be adjusted to meet customer needs.  It has a carry of up to 50% oil in water (w/w) and the exact specific and known ingredient content of the original oil.   The oil’s original properties and capabilities are maintained which means that Capsoil’s nano powder is identical to the original oil drop in every way.

The nanometric size means that the powder has a greater surface area.  This enables greater bioavailability and improved absorption, as well as the option of micro-functional coatings.

Capsoil nanometric powder offers several unique features and advantages over currently used raw materials:

  1. Better bioavailability due to the increased surface area of the nanometric powder.
  2. Highest Carry, up to 50% (w/w) compared to just 10%-15% (w/w) in currently available powders.
  3. The unique properties, ingredients and profile of the oil are maintained. This is because the Capsoil technology is a physical, not a chemical process. For example, when Cannabis goes through the Capsoil conversion process, the complete spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes is retained. Nothing is lost in the process.
  4. Specially formulated to enable even dispersion of the oil in water.
  5. Standardized, consistent and repeatable process which is necessary for GMP compliance.
  6. Diverse formulation possibilities, including taste masking and coloring.
  7. Capsoil powder can be used in a wide variety of product formats enabling the creation of innovative Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, Food Supplements, and fortified Food&Beverages.
  8. Higher pharmaceutical technologies such as Enteric-Coating and Sustained Release functions can be incorporated into Capsoil nanometric powder.

All claims have been proven, with reliable data available for review by interested parties.

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