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Capsoil’s strengths in Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements is based on the ability to provide stable formulations that can be delivered to and dispersed evenly within the body with greater absorption and bioavailability of the active ingredients.  Capsoil can develop sophisticated and previously unavailable nutraceutical-based products and product formats.

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Food and Supplements

The ability of the Capsoil technology to produce nanometric powder that enables the lipophilic oils(non-Polar) to successfully mix with and be absorbed by the body’s aqueous environment (Polar) creates a long list of potential applications in the food industry.

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In the world of superfoods, the opportunity for Capsoil is the conversion of lipophilic oils to nanometric powder, resulting in new products, improving the effectiveness of existing products, better efficiency for manufacturers, easier storage and longer shelf life & reduced carbon footprint.

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