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Capsoil is applying its technology to enable the commercial conversion of full spectrum cannabis oil, to CannaPowder, a nanometric powder that retains the original properties, capabilities, and profile of the original cannabis oil. CannaPowder will enable the development of new and improved recreational and medical products and formats by more efficiently interacting with the endocannabinoid system.

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In independently conducted laboratory testing comparing the bioavailability in powders produced using the Capsoil technology and CBD oil, CannaPowder was shown to have excellent bioavailability.

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Delivery Methods

Capsoil’s nanometric CannaPowder gives medical and recreational cannabis consumers delivery systems that they can safely, easily, and comfortably use with a variety of new and improved products and formats.

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Oil to Powder Conversion Process

Capsoil’s IP protected development process converts Cannabis oil into CannaPowder, a nanometric powder with a consistent particle size of 150 nanometers. The small size increases the powder’s surface area giving it better bioavailability and absorption. The conversion process encapsulates and suspends the oil inside the nano powder particles and the oil is dispersed evenly on contact with a liquid environment. CannaPowder has a carry of up to 50% and is identical to the original oil.

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CannaPowder Applications

CannaPowder, Capsoil’s nanometric cannabis powder has consistently high quality, improved bioavailability, and controlled dosing of active ingredients, while retaining the unique properties of the original cannabis oil. This enables the development of innovative cannabis infused products for many industries.

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Applications of Cannabis Activated Nanometric Powder Icons