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Capsoil is applying its technology to enable the commercial conversion of full spectrum cannabis oil, to nanometric powder while maintaining the original properties, capabilities, and profile of the original cannabis oil.  CannaPowder, Capsoil’s nanometric cannabis powder, meets the needs and requirements of both the recreational and medical Cannabis markets.  The conversion of cannabis oil to CannaPowder, a new and innovative raw material, will enable processors, formulators, and users, for recreational or medical use, to increase the effect of the cannabis by more efficiently interacting with the endocannabinoid system.

Today, the prevailing forms are flower and oil.  These are used via three primary delivery systems, smoking, vaping, and oral product formats such as edibles.  The problems associated with these formats include safety, ease of use and efficacy.

For example, 30% of medical cannabis users do not want to smoke and therefore do not use their medical cannabis. There is a significant unmet market need for new and effective cannabis delivery methods, for medical and recreational use, that can safely and effectively deliver the Cannabis in a way that is easy and comfortable for consumers.

Capsoil’s CannaPowder addresses these problems and has the following advantages compared to the current product formats:

  • CannaPowder has better bioavailability due to the nanometric powder’s increased surface area.
  • Consistent percentage of cannabis oil in the powder.
  • Standardized, consistent and repeatable production process which is necessary for GMP compliance.
  • Consistent particle size with up to 50% (w/w) oil in powder. Other powders struggle to reach up to 15% (w/w) and with inconsistent particle size.
  • Color, flavor, and advanced pharmaceutical technologies such as slow release can be added to the CannaPowder via special coating.
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