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Oil to Powder Conversion Process

The Capsoil technology and development process converts the Cannabis oil in its full spectrum into a nanometric powder that has a consistent particle size of 150 nanometers. The conversion process encapsulates and suspends the cannabis oil inside the nano powder particles and the oil is dispersed evenly when it enters a liquid environment.

The nanometric size means a greater total surface area for the nano powder which enables greater bioavailability and improved absorption. CannaPowder has a carry of up to 50% oil in powder (w/w) and the exact specific and known ingredient content of the original oil. The oil’s original properties and capabilities are maintained which means that the encapsulated cannabis oil is identical to the original oil drop in every way.

During the conversion process, the oil concentration can be increased or decreased as desired, bioavailability can be improved by permeation enhancers and various protective coatings can be added to provide flavor masking, sustained release, and other benefits.

The conversion of cannabis oil to CannaPowder, a new and innovative raw material, will enable processors, formulators, and users, for recreational or medical purposes, to increase the effect of the cannabis by more efficiently interacting with the endocannabinoid system.

Cannabis’ oily nature makes it ideally suited for conversion to a nanometric powder. Capsoil utilizes an ultra-high-pressure nano-emulsifier, a unique composition of emulsifying agents and a proprietary evaporation technique. Once vaporized, stable spheres of nano-drop particles are formed and then the liquids are evaporated to form the nanometric powder.

In the nanometric powder form, any given cannabinoid profile can be easily incorporated into commercial products such as edibles, as well as pharmaceutical formats like capsules, syrups, and inhalers. Because the transformation is a physical and not a chemical process, the unique properties of the cannabis oil are preserved, while the bioavailability is enhanced.

These unique capabilities make Capsoil the partner of choice for researchers and developers looking to enter the cannabis industry or to improve and expand their current product offering.

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