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Market Background

Utilizing Capsoil’s patented nanometric powder technology can help the pharmaceutical industry overcome the limitations of poor solubility and bioavailability which are vital factors in drug effectiveness.

Drug absorption relies on solubility, as well as permeability. Poor dissolution in the fluids of the gastrointestinal tract can affect the bioavailability and efficacy of the drug. It is one of the most frequently encountered difficulties in the field of pharmaceuticals. Drugs with low bioavailability have limited therapeutic efficacy.

There are many significant hurdles for a pharma or biotech company to overcome during the drug development process. According to a Drug Development and Delivery study, only 1 in 5,000 discovery compounds will reach the market, and 1 in every 5 drug candidates will gain approval. The average time from drug discovery to product launch is estimated to be ~14 years. As a result, the overall costs of drug discovery and development to bring a new medicine to the market are estimated at over $1 billion for a new chemical entity (NCE).

Aqueous solubility of any therapeutically active substance is a key property, as it governs dissolution, absorption and thus the in vivo efficacy. If the problem is not overcome drug developers waste time and money on medications that will never make it to patients.

As a result, Capsoil’s nanometric powder can play an important role in overcoming these bioavailability challenges faced by pharma and the biotech industry. This especially important considering the cost new drug development as detailed above.

Lithophilic drugs molecules often require high doses to reach therapeutic plasma concentrations after oral administration, due to poor bioavailability. This high dosage can result in unnecessary side effects.

Consequently, the pharmaceutical industry needs innovative drug delivery technologies to overcome these bioavailability challenges.

Capsoil Opportunity

Capsoil’s patented nanometric powder technology can be applied to Lipophilic drug molecules with a high success rate.

Production of nanometric powders and their integration into the pharmaceutical manufacturing process, in many drug categories, using the Capsoil technology, will help overcome the problem of insolubility.

Capsoil targets drug categories which are:

  • Class 2: Low Solubility and High Bioavailability – Capsoil can be used to improve dosage form including oral, transdermal (patches or creams), topicals and inhalers.
  • Class 4: Low Solubility and Low Bioavailability – Capsoil can be used to offer a wider range of dosage forms and to significantly improving bioavailability, achieving the same results but with smaller dosages and therefore reduced side effects.

Some of the best selling drugs in the world today can be improved by using Capsoil nanometric powder which by improving bioavailability can reduce raw materials and costs, improve efficacy, reduce required dosage and therefore unpleasant side effects which until now have impacted on sales revenues for many drugs.

Capsoil powder can also improve the quality of life for patients worldwide by enabling the development of both improved products and previously unavailable product formulations and formats that will be developed using Capsoil technology.

Substantial investment in new drugs which have been failing to get to market due to poor solubility can be realized, leading to increased revenues for companies and effective treatments for many of the ailments faced by people worldwide.