Capsoil Technologies has developed innovative production processes of Self emulsifying nano-powders of oils. Powders have important advantages as raw materials such as improved stability, easier storage, effective production processes and wide variety of products.

Capsoil technology starts with an oil drop. Using a patented formulation and production process, the oil drop is converted into a nanometric powder that has a consistent particle size of 150 nanometers and can be adjusted to meet customer needs.  The powder can carry of up to 50% oil (w/w) and preserve the specific content of the original oil.

Capsoil Technologies can lead the findings of new Agricultural technology directed to cope with climate change, soil erosion, biodiversity loss, farm productivity and to Satisfy consumers’ trends. The Self emulsifying nano-powder technology can be used in a wide variety of Agricultural products enabling the creation of innovative applications, like livestock feed, Fertilizers, Biocides and more. The nanometric size of the oil particles means that the powder has a greater surface area which enables greater availability, less toxicity and improved absorption.

For example, using the Self emulsified nano-powders technology for increasing the effectiveness of oily pesticides may result in improving active dispersion, penetration, and availability. This will affect both farm productivity and sustainability.

Capsoil technology of self-emulsifying Nano powder can provide key features for Agrotechnology:

  • Novel delivery system for improved accessibility
  • Stable Nanometric particle size
  • High-load capacity (up to 50%) of oil in powder
  • Easily dispersible in water
  • Improved stability and longer shelf life